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YUN is a 65%, 67 keys gasket mount keyboard with Poron stripes or Silicon shoes mounting mechanisms swapable. We wanted YUN to express simplistic aesthetics and smooth installing, typing experience, so it's structured by straight lines and simple curves from the outside, but only people who assembly it experience the level of details we put into the interior. When you flip it over, flushed surface between weight and bottom makes the gold element rooted solidly. YUN does not surrenders to moderation.

                 IC Stage                


This Bonus package includes Case, PCB, CF Plate, Foams and Brass Footbar, and you'll get TTC Lopro switches, Stabs, and XDA profile full set Keycaps for free. In short, it's everything you need!


All you need is to choose your case color, plate, PCB and brass pressbars layout. We'll give out Brass Pressbars for free. That's not it, who ever ordered solder PCB, hot swappable socket will also be included in this package!!


Z60-ACR is an acrylic stacked layer gasket board with armrest included. This makes it an ideal board for beginners.


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